Gaston is a producer and recording engineer born in Brussels, Belgium who spent the majority of his life in Switzerland. At the age of five, he first picked up the guitar and started playing the piano, triggering his fascination for music. It is when he discovered the world of programming and electronic music that things really took off.


Taking inspiration from various influences including STINT, Benny Blanco and Jerker Olov Hansson, he started producing electronic-infused pop records. Gaston is an avid listener and will never let go of his classics, always keeping the hits of back in the days close from Queen to The Rolling Stones. 

After studying business in Barcelona, Spain for four years, all the while developing his production and recording skills, Gaston moved to London, UK to study a music degree at Point Blank Music School, where he met Henry.

Having organised top-tier songwriting camps, produced alongside rising UK producers, Gaston has a well garnished address book to best serve Afterparty's clients.

Click here to watch Gaston's Tedx talk on music production. 

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