Henry is a producer and recording engineer who grew up near the small town of Framlingham in Suffolk, UK – home to the mighty Ed Sheeran and world class mixing engineer Cenzo Townsend. He spent his youth playing guitar, recording bands and listening to the likes of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Led Zeppelin. His music takes inspiration from indie bands and producers like, FINNEAS, Tom Misch and Max Martin. 

After spending a year travelling, Henry read physics at the University of Leeds and graduated with a deep technical understanding sound design, mixing and recording equipment. 

Gaston is a producer and recording engineer born in Brussels, Belgium who spent the majority of his life in Switzerland. At the age of five, he first picked up the guitar and started playing the piano, triggering his fascination for music. It is when he discovered the world of programming and electronic music that things really took off.


Taking inspiration from various influences including STINT, Benny Blanco and Jerker Olov Hansson, he started producing electronic-infused pop records. Gaston is an avid listener and will never let go of his classics, always keeping the hits of back in the days close from Queen to The Rolling Stones. 

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